Nadine Robinson Voice Lessons



More than just lessons

Each student is assigned a weekly 45-60 minute private lesson which begins with exercises designed to help the student improve their singing technique. Sight-singing and ear-training exercises help to develop musicianship. I assign age appropriate repertoire to suit the student’s technical level and temperament, however, students are strongly encouraged to bring in assigned solos and audition music.

Performing is a part of the process of learning to sing. In addition to weekly lessons, I offer my students opportunities to practice performing in a non-threatening environment. Studio Class occurs periodically and is open to all of my high school and middle school students. Each student presents a piece that they have been learning from memory in front of other students in the studio. An accompanist is provided so that I can better observe their performances. Topics discussed include performance anxiety, stage presence, expression, and song interpretation.

The singing craft

Learning to sing is a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor. Some students desire to study voice to develop their abilities as solo performers, while others want to become better choral singers. Whatever the motivation of the student, my goal is to nurture their love of singing and build confidence in their abilities.

Song Recitals, Scenes Performances, Solo Recitals